Resolutions and Bagels

When I discovered blogging, I thought I had found the thing I was looking for: something to do with my time. This year, I have a lot more of it than I am used to. My teaching schedule is just packed enough that I get to leave the house everyday, but I am still finding several hours to myself. I wanted to do something more meaningful with this gift I’d been given. Hence, the blog.

I quickly figured out that this was going to be more work that I realized, but here I was with my very own already-paid-for website. I had to stick with it. A ready-made New Years Resolution.

My main trouble has been deciding what direction I want this to go in. What should it be all about? Honestly, I haven’t quite figured that out. At the very least, I wanted to give people some insight into what it’s like to be a stranger in a strange land in the daily life context. To my readers, if you’re out there, I hope that’s what I can give you.

Today I’m sitting at the Bagelstein after I was done teaching, which is not my favorite place but it has food and good tea, so here we are. I walk in, order my bagel sandwich, and in the middle of the transaction I miss a word that the girl behind the counter says. It’s usually not a big deal if you miss a word or two, but this time it was a key word and led to me completely misunderstanding what she asked me. I’m sure that normal people just ask her to repeat the question when this happens, but as I am myself and have a little bit of social anxiety, I panicked. So I said something along the lines of “sorry, my French is terrible.”

And down the awkward rabbit hole we go!

Then we go through the whole, “I speak English, too! Where are you from?” She ends up giggling through the entire conversation, and I end up with 2 things on my sandwich I didn’t ask for. This doesn’t bother me, because I’m not very picky, but now everyone in the shop knows for sure that I’m not French. So when I go to sit at a table at the same time as another customer, she smiles at me and says “Let’s go!” then walks away. I’m just standing there, confused, because I assume that “let’s go” either means “let’s take this outside” or “let’s share the table.”

She sits down somewhere else, I sit down at the table I somehow just won. Then feeling inspired, I get out my computer and start writing it all down. Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t a bad experience. Just super awkward. I will look back on this and laugh.

For now, I will do my best to keep up with my Resolution of 2017.

Thanks for reading and à bientôt

2 thoughts on “Resolutions and Bagels

  1. Kelly

    *heart emoji* LOVE = it and you! Keep it up, don’t over think. “Write as you speak….let me tell you a story”~ Maeve Binchy


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